2014 Hong Kong Electronics Fair

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As usual, Wai Chi Holdings Ltd. participated in a number of worldwide exhibitions: the annual Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn),
the biennial Munich Electronica, and for the first time, participated in the Electronics Show in Bangalore, India.
According to official statistics, more than 9,900 visitors went to Hong Kong Electronics Fair, with a record-high of 4,100 exhibitors
participating in this year’s event. Revenue for smart home technology will reach US$61 billion in 2014, while the market for automotive
electronics market worldwide will grow at a rate of 7.3% and estimated market size of US$314.4 billion by Year 2020.
For Electronica 2014,2737 exhibitors from 50 countries drew more than 73,000 buyers from over 80 countries worldwide to Munich.
This four-day exhibition revealed that the future is all about connectivity- from wearables to cars to entire cities.
Summarizing the information from the three exhibitions, we believe the household, automotive and office electronics will be the three
major sectors of future development in the electronics industry. With the progresses in smart technology, different household
electronics systems will be integrated into one extensive control system; and additional communication and entertainment systems
will be incorporated into automotive electronic products.
Our company has been active in the development of backlight units for automotive and consumer products. During these exhibitions,
many buyers have looked for a corresponding product; although most visitors are interested in finished module, this is certainly a sign
of business growth for our upstream partners as we can introduce and refer our long time partners to these potential buyers.  Of course,
the buyers will have a number of manufacturers to choose from, our company will take every opportunity to build long and prosperous
relationships with new customers.
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