WAICHI 2nd Generation CB+CE High Bay Launched

2015-04-17 19:24:35    点击:
WAICHI 2nd Generation CB+CE High Bay Launched
WAICHI 2nd generation High Bay, continuation of 1st generation , breaking traditional rules by ingenious using
magnesium alloy as fixture & without reflector design which is totally different, in compacted size & light in weight,
thus, easy for installation. 
Advanced magnetic induction radiation cooling system improving LED life span.  Excellent optical design improving
LED efficiency.  Cluster-type design achieving low-glare & uniform illuminance. 
The 2nd generation uses NICHIA 757 LED instead of HV LED, the highest efficacy reaches 120LM/W, providing high
quality & performance stabilities.  In addition, with “Standard”, “0-10V Dimming” & “DALI Dimming” 3 series to
cover wider applications to fulfill more customers’ needs.
This product without any environmental pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency & IP66, passed
high-low impact testing, high humidity environmental testing.
Use of acid-alkali resistance & weather resistance tempered glass, which is impact resistance & suitable for outdoor or
harsh / extreme weather / outdoor environment with high humidity.  Also, strong resistant to ultraviolet & infrared radiation.
Applications like manufacturing plants, warehouses, toll stations, halls, workshop area & other high-ceiling indoor & outdoor
areas. WAICHI provides up to 50,000 hours lifetime & up to 5-year warranty.
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