Electronica 2016

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As one of the superior Chinese LED backlight and LED lighting products manufacturers and services
providers, Wai Chi Holdings Company Limited (“Wai Chi Holdings” or the “Group”, Stock Code: 1305)
participated at one of the largest electronic components exhibitions, namely “electronica 2016” in Munich,
Germany during November 8 to 11, showcasing and introducing the Group's latest LED backlight products
and technology to itspotential overseas LED industry players and buyers.
The Group exhibited around 15 types of LED backlight displays applicable in automobile, industrial equipment,
television and smart home panel at electronica 2016. Among which, the Group demonstrated a revolutionary
curve-shaped LED backlight product, its special curve-shaped is able to meet with the trend of new automobile
monitor display design, and is expected to be widely applicable in new automobile monitor displays. During the
exhibition, the curve-shaped LED backlight product gained awareness from many potential buyers in the automobile
industry, such as automotive OEM manufacturers and automotive design companies etc. In addition, the Group also
displayed series of industrial LED backlight products, the professional design and applicability drew high attention
among buyers. During the exhibition, the sales team actively interacted with potential customers from Germany and
other European countries about the Group’s latest LED backlight products and technology, which helped the Group
identify the future market trends faster and stimulate design ideas.
The Chairman of the Group, Mr. Yiu Chi To commented, “electronica 2016 revealed the development prospects of
smart automobiles. As a leading LED backlight company, Wai Chi Holdings has successfully demonstrated our R&D
capabilities to the LED industry and potential buyers from Germany and other European countries. We are confident
the Group’s curve-shaped LED backlight products and technology will be widely applicable in the future new automobile
monitor displays. Further, our developing automobile LED backlight serieshelps establishing broader and higher quality
customer base, and further leads us to the international market for more promising development and better returns.”
Wai Chi Holdings appeared at “electronica 2016” in Munich, Germany and displayed curve-shaped LED backlight products
Its curve-shaped LED backlight product is expected to be applicable in new automobile monitor display designs
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