Local dimming LED backlight

Product structure features

This project is a local dimming backlight product using POB solution; it adopts OSRAM 1515 packaged five-sided luminous LED, which is equipped with a lampshade to improve the light channelling phenomenon in each area, realize 216 partitions, and the optical effect is good at OD5. No dark grid phenomenon.

  • Product Size: 12.3″
  • V.A: 293.43*111.51mm
  • Brightness: 14000cd/m^2, 10mA/LED
  • Optical film: 1DBEF+1BEF+1 Diffusion
  • OD/pitch: 5/12mm
  • Partition: 216 partitions (9*24)
  • Total thickness of backlight: 8.812mm
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