Technology Innovation Award

Carry on the Mission, Radiate the Warmth, Toughen the Eternity

— Wai Chi winning the “Technology Innovation Award” at the 2023 Supplier Conference of Hangsheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Recently, Wai Chi Opto Technology Ltd was invited to participate in 2023 Supplier Conference held by Hangsheng Automotive Electronics Co Ltd.  This conference coincided with the 30th anniversary of HSAE’s establishment – “Thirty Years of Original Intention, Creating Brilliance Together”.  At the conference, Wai Chi stood out amongst the 300 suppliers by virtue of its excellent comprehensive strengths and outstanding technical performance.  Wai Chi was rewarded with the “Technology Innovation Award”, becoming the only backlight supplier ever to win this award and also the only backlight supplier to win an award during the 2023 Supplier Conference.  Mr. Paul Chen Chun Po, Chairman of Wai Chi Holding Company Ltd accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Looking back on 2022, thr­ough the efficient coordination and rapid response of the internal team while utilizing solid work and innovative technology with high quality to achieve the various indicators of Hangsheng Toyota 23mm project, Wai Chi accurately identified customer needs and matched resources in a timely manner in contributing to the successful mass production of Hangsheng Toyota 23mm project.  At the same time, Wai Chi once again won the trust of Hangsheng through its all-around comprehensive strengths, assisting HSAE to win another super heavyweight project – the Honda 25mm, which is valued at close to 500 million Renmenbi.

Wai Chi Holdings was established in 1985 and has been in business for nearly 40 years.  As an evergreen in the industry, Wai Chi has always led with technological innovations.  From the earliest black-and-white display backlights to later mobile phone backlights and now automotive backlights, Wai Chi has always been the leader in the industry.  During the early stages of automotive backlights back in 2003, Wai Chi mainly served Tianma, BOE Varitronix, Truly and GoWorld.  In 2011, Wai Chi realized the market application momentum of OLED products in the field of consumer goods and took the lead in transforming the layout of TFT automotive backlight.  With technological innovation as well as efficient management and keen market insight, Wai Chi automotive backlight firmly grasped the needs of end customers, dared to be the leader, and bravely reached the apex.  From integrating plastic and iron technologies and introduction of narrow bezel to later large-scale curved or special-shaped surface, die-casting and spray-painted exterior parts, local dimming technologies, etc., Wai Chi has repeatedly stood out at the forefront of the industry’s technology and overcoming application problems every single time.  Products are successfully applied to a large number of platform projects such as Toyota, Volkswagen, as well as high-end automotive brands such as Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and Maserati.  In recent years, Wai Chi products are successfully deployed in New Energy Vehicles, successively winning key projects with BYD Han, Denza, Nio, Xpeng, Li Auto, Zeekr, Aito and other brands.  After years of hard work, Wai Chi automotive backlight shipments rank first in the world in 2019.  After three years of COVID pandemic, Wai Chi’s share of automotive backlights has continued to increase.  According to CINNO statistics, Wai Chi’s global shipments of automotive backlight reached 19% by Q3 2022, far exceeding the second and third placed competitors.

Looking forward to the future, technological innovation is still the cornerstone in supporting the sustainable development of Wai Chi’s automotive backlight business.  Wai Chi’s team will uphold the working philosophy of “technological innovation serves customers” and continue to use advanced innovative thinking to provide customers with high-quality products and services, strengthening communication and interaction with customers, enhancing customer “stickiness” with Wai Chi, and achieving profound win-win situation.