WAICHI hereby standardizes the Warranty Term of its different business units and different subsidiaries so that WAICHI’s customers can enjoy better consumer rights.

(1) Free Warranty

Free of Charge Maintenance Service with a total exemption for the replacement costs of spare part(s)/material(s) will be available to customer for any product failure(s) or damage(s) occurring within the Warranty Period starting from the date of shipment BUT subject to the conditions in that the product is fall within the Warranty provided by WAICHI, the replaced spare part(s)/material(s) is/are available in the market for replacement, and clients shall fully responsible for all and any transportation fees incurred. Warranty Period will be different according to different product series.

(2) Remarks

- Where any of the following circumstances applies, the product does not fall within the definition of Free Warranty:

- Where the Free Warranty Period has lapsed


- Where the product failure or damage was/is caused by any installation, maintenance, alteration or dismantling through any organizations and/or persons not authorized (either expressed or implied) by WAICHI.

- Where the product is operated more than 4,400 hours (12 hours per day) per year.

- Where, for modular design products, only less than 10% of the LEDs in the module do not light

- Where the product failure or damage was/is caused by the customers’ failure to comply with the requirements as set out in the User Manual; the non- stipulation of operation environment for the product; or the incorrect and improper installation, storage and use of the product (including but not limited to inappropriately high/low temperature, excessive switching, unstable voltage or electric current, beyond the scope of surge protection and inappropriately high zero field voltage, etc.);

- Where the product failure or damage was/is caused by force majeure by reason of, or reasons like Acts of God (such as lightning, earthquake, flooding, fire and hostilities, etc.);

- Where the reason(s) of the product’s failure or damage was/is not related to the product’s design, technology, manufacturing and quality, etc.

When the product does not carry Free Warranty, Maintenance Service will still be available to customer subject to the condition in that the replaced spare part(s)/material(s) is/are available in the market for replacement; and the customer shall fully pay the maintenance handling fees and replacement costs of spare part(s)/material(s). WAICHI reserves the right to examine all failed products to determine the cause of failure and patterns of usage and reserves the right to be the sole judge as to whether any product or components are defective and covered under this warranty. The detailed terms and conditions of consumer warranty are indicated in the user manual packaged with the products which shall be prevailed by any terms and conditions as indicated in the purchase invoice (if any).

WAICHI reserves the right to modify its consumer warranty without prior notifications.