WAICHI Group adopts a comprehensive quality management system. Every staff member involved in the entire manufacturing process is required to take responsibility for product quality, from understanding customer needs to after-sales service, with a firm commitment to excellent. The Group has also embraced the ERP management system to achieve scientific management of every production aspect, from product data to production flow. Through continual technology upgrades, the Group has achieved basic safety certifications in product design work, including CE & RoHS, in order to exceed customer expectations.

WAICHI Group’s quality inspection process includes:

Quality Control of Incoming Raw Material

WAICHI Group imports raw materials mainly from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the US, with its quality control personnel on hand to undertake stringent quality monitoring.

Pre-Production Inspection & Testing

Before production begins, all components are subject to quality inspection and testing as well as streaming to ensure that they are compatible to the related requirements.

Online Inspection & Testing

All products and finished items undergo online quality inspection and testing undertaken by Engineers and professional quality control personnel.

Pre-Delivery Inspection & Testing

Before leaving the factory premises, every product is required to undergo real-time quality inspection and testing.
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