Q : What is LED BackLight ?

A: In the electronics industry, the backlight illumination is a form often used in the LCD display. Backlight is illuminated from side(s) or array(s). The light source may be incandescent bulbs, electro-optical panel (ELP), light emitting diode (LED), cold cathode tube (CCFL) and so on. Electro-optical panel provides uniform light over the entire surface, and the other using the diffuser backlight module from a light source to provide a uniform light. The backlight can be of any color,
monochrome LCD usually yellow, green, blue, and white light. White color was used on color display, because it covers a maximum of shade. LED backlight can enhance the performance of LCD display. 

Q: What is lead time of the backlight? 

A: Standard lead time for design using common materials is 4weeks. 

Q : Why should I use LED backlight?


 A: LCD backlighting will affect the quality of the image stability, brightness and color, it is one of the most important components of high-definition display. In today’s backlight design, LED is rapidly replacing cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), because LED backlight got low voltage requirements, easy to use, with better dimming performance, and more importantly, it does not contain mercury, while efficient.  


Q : Did WAICHI backlight products meet environmental requirements?

A: All Wai Chi backlight products meet requirements of REACH and RoHs. 



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