Payment Terms:

50% deposit. 50% T/T before delivery. Unless specified otherwise.

Can apply for other payment terms upon financial supporting documents given. But reserves the right to reject the application or to adjust pricing to reflect fees incurred by WAICHI as a result of accepting the new payment terms.

2% late payment penalty of the total overdue amount.


All shipments are F.O.B. Shenzhen unless specified otherwise.


1-All goods are loaded to the containers with care by WAICHI.

2-Damages in transit. (a) The carrier assumes all responsibility for losses, shortages, and both apparent and concealed damages in transit. (b) Title passes to purchaser immediately upon delivery by us to carrier; therefore, all claims must be made by purchaser with carrier.

3-We reserve the right to refuse orders for shipment outside the regular selling and service area of the distributor.

4-Shipment date shown on our Order Acknowledgment is our best approximation of the probable shipment date and shall not be deemed to represent a fixed or guaranteed shipment date.  Shipment of the merchandise herein is subject to any and all delays due to any condition or happening whatsoever beyond WAICHI control including, but not exclusive of other conditions, acts of God, strikes, wars, riots, fires, inability to obtain materials, governmental regulations or restrictions.  WAICHI shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from delayed shipments or its inability to ship as above.

5-Any claims regarding alleged shortages or alleged shipping errors must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods in writing to WAICHI, or else such claims will be waived.

6- WAICHI reserves the right to make partial shipments unless otherwise stipulated in customer's order.  All such partial shipments will be invoiced by WAICHI at time of shipping and paid when due, without regard to subsequent shipments.  Delay in any partial shipment shall not relieve the customer of this obligation to accept any remaining shipment of the order.

Prices, Specification and Quotations:

1-      Pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice and possession of the price list is not in itself an offer to sell.

2-      Quotations are firm only if in writing from WAICHI, and if accepted by WAICHI within the period designated in the quotation.  We reserve the right to withdraw quotations at any time and for any reason, prior to acceptance.

3-      Purchase orders received within the designated period of the quotation will be price protected for shipment within 60 days from the date of the order.

4-      All fixtures are quoted and furnished less lamps unless otherwise specified.

5-      Every effort is made to avoid errors in catalogs, price sheets and other publications.  We will not accept responsibility or labor chargebacks in connection with errors of measurements, descriptions, prices, etc.

6-      The prices shown on this price list are prices prevailing at the present time.  WAICHI reserves the right to change these prices at any future date.  Unless otherwise specifically provided in writing, orders will be billed at prices prevailing at time of shipment.

7-      Additions to orders already processed shall be considered separate orders and shall be priced accordingly.

8-      WAICHI will not be bound by General or Blanket instructions contained and/or referred to in customer order.  Each order must be accompanied by full instructions on the order itself.

9-      If WAICHI is notified by customer not to deliver merchandise after said merchandise has already been fabricated according to customer's order and is ready for shipment, then customer shall pay reasonable storage charges until such merchandise is released and accepted by customer and shall complete the payment as if goods were accepted at original time of delivery.

10-  If any shipment made in accordance with customer's instructions is refused for any reason, then customer is responsible for payment as if goods were accepted at time of delivery. Customer is also responsible for any rehandling and reshipping charges and all reasonable storage charges as they are incurred.

Purchase Orders:  The acceptance of the Buyers Purchase orders is contingent upon written acknowledgment by WAICHI.  The acceptance of the buyers order is expressly made conditional on the buyers assent to the terms and conditions stated herein.  WAICHI agrees to furnish the merchandise covered by their price list only upon these terms and conditions.  In the event of a conflict between the buyers terms and conditions and LSI terms and conditions, the buyer in the absence of any written notification to the contrary and by virtue of issuance of purchase order and the acceptance of shipment of merchandise ordered, acknowledges that the WAICHI Terms and Conditions shall take precedence and shall apply.


1-      Quick Ship Express orders are not cancelable.

2-      Orders for special (non-catalog) items are not cancelable under any condition.

3-      Cancelling any order that has been placed for more than two days, WAICHI has right to reject the cancellation. If cancellation is insisted, the buyer will be responsible to purchase the cost of materials and processes that have already been in progress.

4-      Under no conditions will WAICHI be responsible for field conditions involving dimensional design, or other changes.


No return will be accepted unless agreed by WAICHI.

Hold Orders:  Hold orders will not be entered for production until we receive written release and signed approved drawings from customer at WAICHI office.  Invoicing will be at prices prevalent at the time of release.

Limited Guarantee / Warranty:  All lighting fixtures are made in China, Huizhou. All fixtures are 100% tested and inspected before shipment.

Limited Five (5) Year Warranty – Lighting Fixtures

WAICHI offers five-year warranty to most of the paid lighting products unless specified otherwise. Further warranty details are listed in the “Warranty Terms and Conditions” page.

The customer shall be responsible to provide sufficient document to make WAICHI accept that the defective is caused by the materials or workmanship. Depending on the symptoms and descriptions, WAICHI will decide whether the defective is needed to be returned. The warranty for the power supply of each fixture not manufactured by WAICHI will be limited to the terms and conditions of that manufacturer and any such claims will be made directly with the manufacturer in question.