Wai Chi Recognized as Top 25 Education Lighting Enterprises in China’s LED industry

Huizhou Wai Chi Electronics Ltd won top honors during the Educational Lighting Healthy Light and Ecological Chain Cooperation Forum, recognized as one of top 25 Education Lighting Enterprises in China LED industry in Year 2020

Huizhou Wai Chi is one of the important industrial base for Wai Chi Holdings (HK01305). In recent years, Huizhou Wai Chi has strategically prioritized Educational Lighting sector, cultivating myopia prevention and control system technology, developing and promoting a wide variety of new products including smart campus eye protection system, high quality educational lighting, desk lamps, and smart epidemic prevention system for campuses. These applications have been widely recognized by customers

Huizhou Wai Chi has cooperated with Europe for eye protection lighting products for many years, actively participated in the formulation of domestic LED educational lighting standards in China, obtained multiple product certifications, and successfully completing many school projects across the country. Our goal is to contribute to building a visual-friendly environment, carrying out popular science education on myopia prevention & control, reducing the incidences of myopia in young children and adolescents.